Inappropriate Comments to Make to a Competitive Swimmer

June 27, 2017

Don’t stick your foot in your mouth if you are friends with or encounter a competitive swimmer at one point in your life. Competitive swimmers love the water, and usually have a strong mindset that non-swimmers simply cannot understand. But, that still doesn’t give the green light to say certain things. Just as you wouldn’t say things to a pregnant woman, to your mother, etc., there are things you just don’t say to someone who participates in competitive swimming Attleboro ma. Here are some of those inappropriate comments that you shouldn’t make.

You Smell like Chlorine

The smell of chlorine is found on swimmers, but they know this already, and your pointing it out won’t make much of a difference. Swimmers don’t bathe in chlorine, so you shouldn’t make such a comment!

Your Hair is Horrid

Swimmers hair is a nightmare, even when swimming caps are worn. Swimmers know this already, and pointing it out is going to hurt the swimmer’s feelings and might bring other negative consequences in effect, too.

You Eat a Lot of Food

Many swimmers eat large portions of food, but again, this is not something that you should point out. Each lap they make around the pool is burning massive calorie while providing a though total body workout. And so, a swimmer will be hungrier than most people after a short while.

Are You Practicing Again Today?

Of course, a swimmer is practicing their sport again today, and tomorrow, and maybe the day after, too. It isn’t any different than a basketball player perfecting his art, or a musician who spends endless time stroking the strands of his guitar. Practice makes perfect, and the more that a swimmer hits the water, the more skills he’ll have at the end of the day.