Leaving my dog during trips

September 18, 2017
in Pets

I have to travel for work on a regular basis, and one of the most difficult parts about this is leaving my dog behind when I go.  I love my dog very much, and the idea of leaving him in a kennel for a week or so is something that really bothers me.  That is the reason that I decided that I needed to find something a little more comfortable for him than your usual kennel.  Instead of your standard kennel, I decided that I would find a pet spa Plymouth mi that would not only be able to give him shelter and feed him while I was gone, but would also make sure that he was happy and comfortable.  This is something that was very important to me, as the last thing that I wanted was for my dog to see any sort of discomfort if I had to leave him for a little bit.

Luckily, I found a grooming spa that will also board dogs, and this seemed to be the best option for me.  They would not only give him food and water while I was gone, but they would also treat him well, and they even offered grooming services in the package.  This is something that has made me feel a whole lot better about leaving him behind when I have had to, and I always feel comfortable when I go on my business trips now, as I know that he is always in good hands.

No one ever wants to have to leave their dog behind, but when there is no other option, finding a nice place for them to stay is definitely important.  My dog loves his trip to the spa, so I never have to worry about him.