Discounting golf does not make you an inferior player

June 27, 2017
in Golf

Has there been a perception over the years, mostly among the youngsters, that they have to have the most expensive shoes, athletic shoes and sneakers, call it what you will, to look cool and be the best. Grown men (and women) still have that notion too. It has also become a vanity product for many. But the thing is, looking really cool or swell does not necessarily make you a great golfer.

What you should be doing is focusing a lot more on your game. You may not be pro, well, not yet, and you never know what happens when you practice hard, but you can still take great pride in improving your handicap every weekend. Don’t be so image conscious like all the other guys out there. Just focus on your game, and when you do that, you could just find yourself becoming more efficient and conscious in all aspects of this prestigious game.

For instance, golf clubs are always going to be needed, and the more you play, the more you may find yourself having to replace your golf shoes and cleats. When that happens, there is never a need to break the bank on well-known brands. Talk to a knowledgeable pro-am guy at your nearby club and he will tell you that what you use and what you wear is focused more on performance and comfort. So, you may just find that while shopping for discount golf shoes or clubs, you could end up with a well-known brand anyhow.

In many cases, clubs and shoes are being recycled for re-use, and that’s a good thing. Just think about all the guys and girls out there who are dirt poor and would love to get on the greens someday.